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Uncle Mike's Open Top Kydex Holster

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Fits to 5" BBL

1911 Types

Size 19 right handed

  • Adjustable paddle is a semi-rigid Kydex design that will mold itself to the wearer's hip. It will not move around or pull out with the handgun when a draw is made.
  • Adjustment allows for butt forward, vertical and muzzle forward carry.
  • Holster can be worn "Behind-the-Hip", "In-Front-of-the-Hip" ("Appendix Carry") or even "Crossdraw" if the situation requires.
  • The leading edge of the holster body is cut down to facilitate use in confined spaces or by people with shorter torsos.


An excellent choice for both men and women. Features: Adjustable semi-rigid Kydex paddle with an adjustable S-shape tensioner to stop movement, sturdy polymer construction and adjustment for butt forward, vertical or muzzle forward carry. Holster can be used for standard, crossdraw and appendix carry. Front leading edge is cut away at the top to allow for smoother draw.