F12 Typhoon Puma 12GA Semi-Auto

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Manufacturer:  Ozerbas Makina Silah

Brand: Typhoon Defence Industries LLC
Country: Turkey

Warranty: 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty; Managed in Canada by TWI



Category: Shotgun

Classification (Canada): Non-Restricted

Type/Action: Semi-Auto, Gas Operated
Model No.:


Calibre: 12GA

Chamber: 3” Magnum (Extra Long Forcing Cone: Accepts 2-3/4” & 3” Shotgun Shells)
Capacity: Detachable Box Magazine: 1-2rd Magazine & 2-5rd Mags Included
Barrel: 18.5” Barrel, Comes with 2 Flash Hiders (Barrel Extensions Available)

Chokes: 5 Extended Chokes (F,IM,M,IC,SK)

Front Sight: F12 Flip Up Front Sight (A2 Sights Pictured are not included)

Rear Sight: F12 Flip Up Rear Sight (A2 Sights Pictured are not included)

Optic Mounting: Full Length F12 Picatiny Rail on Receiver and Aluminum Quadrail (NATO STD Rail System)

Stock Type: Tactical M4 Adjustable Stock with Adjustable Cheek Riser



Box: NA

Case: F12 Typhoon Hard Polymer Case

Documents: Manual, Warranty Card

Accessories: Flip Up Sights, 3 Magazines (1-2rd & 2-5rd), 2 Flash Hiders (Angled Brake & Fake Suppressor), 5 Extended Choke Tubes (F,IM,M,IC,SK), Bipod, Maintenance Oil, F12 Sling, F12 Wrench, F12 Key Chain, F12 Chamber Flag, 2 Allen Wrenches (2.5mm, 4mm).

Other: Barrel Extensions & Additional Chokes Available



Upper Receiver: 7075 T6 Aluminum, Anodized, Original Black CERAKOTE

Lower Receiver: 7075 T6 Aluminum, Anodized, Original Black CERAKOTE

Barrel: 4140 Steel, Chrome Lined, Perforated, Matte Black

Locking Block: NA

Stock: Synthetic Polymer, Black

Recoil Pad: Rubber

Base Plate:  NA

Other: Aluminum Quadrail, Anodized, Original Black CERAKOTE; RED S&W CERAKOTE on: Base Plate, Charge Handle, Takedown Pins, Mag Release, Trigger, Safety, Stock Adjustments, Buffer Lug, Etc.



Overall Length, Collapsed: 37.4” (Fake Suppressor or w/o Brake); 38.4” (Angled Brake)

Overall Length, Extended: 45.27” (Fake Suppressor or w/o Brake); 46.27” (Angled Brake)

Overall Length, Folded: NA

Height:  6.9”
Width:  2.3”
Weight: 8.43lbs (Empty Mag; Fake Suppressor & All Accessories)




Note 1: All Length Measurements are taken with the Flash Hider (if applicable) removed.  All Height and Width Measurements are taken with Accessories installed and the Magazine (if applicable) inserted.  All Weight Measurements are taken with an empty Magazine inserted.

Note 2: Please reference your Owner’s Manual for Instructions on operation, maintenance and limitations.  Please also follow the instructions for the use of Steel Shot and Slugs when using shotguns and/or choke systems.  TWI assumes no responsibility for the use or misuse of these products.

Note 3: The F12 Typhoon Defence is Turkeys Premium AR-Style Shotgun.  The firearm is marked with these Proof Markings: TSE and C.I.P.. Typhoon Defence only uses CERAKOTE Firearm Coatings imported from the USA (where applicable).

Note 4: BREAK-IN PERIOD: It is important to fully degrease the firearm before its initial use, followed by the application of a quality lubricant (such as Brunox).  To properly ‘open the chamber’ it is recommended to shoot 120-150rds of High Brass through the firearm as part of the initial use/break in period. AR-Style Semi-Auto Shotguns prefer 1-1/4oz loads to cycle properly (although they can take lighter loads once broken in). Be sure to read the Owner’s Manual and understand the importance of the Adjustable Gas System as it pertains to Target Loads and Heavy Loads.