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CAMPRO 500/bx - 45 COLT FCP RNFP 250 gr

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  • CAMPRO bullets offer the highest quality and value on the market. You now have the opportunity to use the same quality during competitions and while you practice.
  • Fully copper-plated and featuring a swaged lead core, each bullet is carefully reformed at the end of the process. Experience an ultra-precise shot—bullet after bullet.
  • 0.008 inch (203 μm) layer thick copper
  • No lead fumes
  • Allows the safe use of magnum loads
  • No grease needed!
  • Composed of 98% lead and 2% antimony
  • Swaging leads to a greater weight uniformity
  • Complete traceability system for maximum quality control
  • Final cleaning and polishing before delivery
  • Can be used with standard reloading charts for jacketed bullets
Weight (grain/gram): 250 / 16.2
Sectional Density: .175
Cannelure: Yes
Diameter (in/mm): .452 / 11.481
Cupper thickness (in/µm): .008 / 203