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Body Guard Stream Dog Repellent 20g

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Whether you are a walker, cyclist or outdoor delivery person, Defense Aerosols equips you with the best protection available against a canine attack.

BODYGUARD™ dog repellent pepper spray is an effective and humane formulation, strong enough to deter an attacker with 0.50% pure capsaicin (food grade pepper) plus related casaicinoids at 0.36%
BODYGUARD™ dog spray is flammable..

Advantages of BODYGUARD include:

                 *Non-Toxic                *Environmentally Friendly

Our BODYGUARD dog spray is available in two sizes for your convenience: 20g and 50g.

Each 20g model sprays in a stream shape out to 6 feet, and has a built in belt clip and key ring for your convenience.

Our 50g model sprays in a stream shape out to 10 feet and has a flip top actuator for quick release. Belt holsters are available with Velcro closure for the 50g size.