Beretta M92A1

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• Corrosion-resistant Brunton finish
• One-piece captive recoil spring
• Integrated mil-spec rail
• Internal recoil buffer

Humid jungles, desert heat and snow-covered mountains – there is no environment on the planet that the Beretta 92 hasn’t seen duty in. For almost two decades Beretta pistols have been an issued sidearm of America’s armed forces and have a long record of distinguished service. Outfitted with an integrated mil-spec tactical rail forward of the trigger guard for mounting accessories. Its one-piece captive recoil spring assembly minimizes chances of spring loss and makes assembly and disassembly easier. An internal recoil buffer reduces receiver stress, lengthening the pistol’s service life. Black plastic grip panels. Corrosion-resistant Brunton finish. Two magazines included, but also accepts other model 92 magazines.