Benelli MR1 Comfortech Rifle

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Now: $1,899.99
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The Benelli MR1 ComforTech Semi-Automatic features ComforTech buttstock technology that reduces recoil without adding any additional moving parts or weight, making it ideal for normal hunting conditions. Also helps to reduce muzzle climb, allowing shooters to get back on target fast. Stainless steel, self-cleaning piston that operates directly against the rotating bolt, eliminates the need for complex linkages found on gas systems. This piston-driven system (ARGO), incorporates a gas port located just forward of the chamber where the gases are hotter and cleaner, resulting in less fouling and more reliable cycling. Military-style ghost ring aperture sights are adjustable for windage and elevation in the field using only a cartridge rim as an adjustment tool. All steel parts are black phosphate and aluminum parts are hard-anodized in a matte finish for low visibility and corrosion-resistance. The Benelli MR1 carbine comes standard with a five-round magazine.